Mirror Mirror, am I the most beautiful person in the world? In this age when everyone is taking selfies, who hasn’t spotted the little narcissism of self-appreciation in the mirror! You may not apply foundation or sunscreen every day before going out, but you must look in the mirror! Mirrors have long become a necessity in life, so much so that many mmm have never thought of doing some homework in choosing mirrors. Today, the editor will talk about how to choose a makeup mirror. Is your mirror really the right one?

Mirrors can be roughly divided into three categories according to their use: decorative mirrors, full-length mirrors that can illuminate the whole body or half of the body in a large area, and make-up mirrors for stinky beauty.

The decorated mirror is probably the one shown in the picture above. It can be used to take a look at yourself occasionally, but the main function is to improve the taste of the home. This kind of mirror is not large enough to look at the whole body, and it is a bit cramped; when you put on makeup, it feels a bit far from clear, and you can’t adjust the angle. So if you only have this kind of mirror at home, it means that you should really finish reading this article and then go for a single-sided makeup mirror!

Naomi Home Mosaic Style Full Length Floor Mirror Silver

The full-length mirror does not need to be introduced by the editor. It is large in size, and many of them are very long. You can see the whole look after a few steps from the mirror. It is suitable for placing at the door or near the closet, but it is really not convenient for makeup, especially It is for the lazy person who can shake hands during makeup. If you only have such a large full-length mirror in your home, then you should also consider buying a makeup mirror.

The makeup mirror is the focus of today’s article.

Makeup mirror

When choosing a household cosmetic mirror, there are three key points to be investigated, namely the position, the light source and the magnification.


Household makeup mirrors can be divided into makeup mirrors fixed on the wall and desktop makeup mirrors that can be moved according to whether they can be moved.

Wall-mounted makeup mirror

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The makeup mirror fixed on the wall and the big mirror in everyone’s bathroom are not the same thing. For example, in the picture above, there are actually two mirrors. The big one is basically a half-length full-length mirror. Comb your hair in the morning to see your beauty. It’s not beautiful, it’s great to appreciate yourself, but it’s very anxious to use eyeliner, mascara, and contact lenses. If you are still a little short-sighted or something, it will be even hazier! The small mirror that can be pulled out next to the big mirror is the real makeup mirror.

Whether you want to choose a makeup mirror fixed on the wall, you have to look at the way you are used to makeup. If you have a simple and rude makeup method, few steps and fast painting, and physical strength, you like standing makeup. Most of the makeup products are also placed in the bathroom. , Then this kind of mirror is more suitable for you.

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When buying this kind of wall-mounted makeup mirror, you should mainly consider whether the height can be adjusted, whether the stretched length is sufficient, and the angle of the mirror can be adjusted. In addition, because the light in the bathroom is generally not particularly bright, you should also consider whether the makeup mirror is self-contained. With light source, etc.

For example, the mirror in the picture above is a super cheap wall-mounted makeup mirror, which has the advantages of high quality and low price, and its appearance is simple and generous. One side is a normal makeup mirror, and the other side has a magnifying effect. The height of the mirror can also be adjusted appropriately. Another advantage is that it is not afraid of water and humid environments. Compared with the makeup mirror with its own light source, the safety factor is much higher, but at the same time, the light of makeup has to be solved by itself.

DecoBros 8-Inch Two-Sided Extension Wall Mount Mirror with 7x Magnification, 13.5-Inch Extension, Nickel

The wall-mounted makeup mirror with light source also has its own advantages and disadvantages. For example, the one in the picture above is a DecoBros makeup mirror with a good reputation. The appearance is simple, the price is relatively reasonable, and the built-in light source can make up for the lack of light in the bathroom to some extent. Similarly, one side is a normal mirror surface and the other is a magnifying glass surface. The distance can be stretched and the angle can be adjusted. The disadvantage is that it has a fixed height, which is suitable for families and people with a small population and fixed height. In addition, it is not suitable to be placed in a damp bathroom, which has potential safety hazards; it is suitable to be placed in a bathroom that can separate dry and wet or not at all.

Table makeup mirror

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There are even more choices for table mirrors! The editor thinks that the main considerations are appearance, height, magnification and light.

Needless to say, the appearance is on the table. It is not only a mirror but also a part of home decoration. It looks beautiful and looks good every day, right?

The light source of the desktop vanity mirror should be selected according to your needs. If your home’s light conditions are average and there is no additional light source on the desktop, then it is necessary to choose a vanity mirror with a light source.

simplehuman 8″ Round Sensor Makeup Mirror with Touch-Control Brightness, 5x Magnification Rechargeable and Cordless, Brushed Stainless Steel

In addition, the editor chooses a makeup mirror and will try to choose a makeup mirror that can be adjusted in height and angle, so that it can be done once and for all. When you change the stool or the table, you can handle it freely.

light source

How important the light source is for makeup, presumably many mm have some personal feelings about this problem! I often try on a makeup in Sephora or shopping malls, and it looks beautiful in the store. When I go out and look in the mirror, I am shocked. It is said that 70% of people use the wrong light source for their makeup, and it sounds like their knee hurts.

No matter how well your makeup mirror is at home, it will always be cloudy and rainy, or when makeup is needed in the afternoon or evening. At this time, you need to use additional light sources. As for whether to choose a mirror with a light source, it depends on whether there are additional light sources on your makeup table. If not, the light source is a factor that needs to be considered.

the light from a mySun lamp automatically changes with the time of day
the light from a Bottled Sunshine lamp automatically changes with the time of day

(Picture from sunlightinside)

For makeup, natural light is generally considered the best choice! As for how bright the natural light should be, it is probably like the 2nd and 3rd from the right in the picture above. But my eyes are not very good, I usually wear sunglasses when I go out, so the brightness of makeup I like is actually the middle level of the above picture. You can also choose according to your own preferences and habits, and the makeup mirrors on the market are very advanced, and the brightness of many styles can be adjusted.

  • LED vs incandescent light source

There are mainly two kinds of light sources on the market, one is the more traditional incandescent light source, that is, the incandescent lamp that everyone often calls. In addition, the mainstream makeup mirror light source in recent years is the LED light source. The first thing to be clear is that both LED light sources and incandescent lamps can simulate natural light. However, due to the different light-emitting principles of the two light sources, the costs are different. If the incandescent lamp reaches the brightness of daylight, it will consume (cost) electricity (money) and generate high heat, making the makeup process uncomfortable. LED has high brightness, energy-saving, low heat generation, and small shadow, which is very suitable for makeup light source.

The same LED light source also has a difference in brightness between cold and warm. Although the above picture is all LED bulbs, the left side is soft white light, and the right side is the bright daylight effect. For makeup, the brightness on the right will be more suitable.

vanity mirror

There are many options for vanity mirrors with LED light sources on the market. For example, the ‘simple and rough’ style in the picture below.

Hansong Large Hollywood Makeup Vanity Mirror with Lights,Plug in Light-up Professional Mirror with Storage,Removable 10x Magnification,3 Color Lighting…

There are also the following restrained styles:

MIRRORMORE Professional 7.5″ Lighted Makeup Mirror, 10X Magnifying Vanity Mirror with 28 Medical LED Lights, Senior Pearl Nickel Cosmetic Mirror, Brightness Adjustable(0-1100Lux) Desk Lamp Alternative


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Many cosmetic mirrors on the market have a magnifying effect. Generally, one side is a normal mirror, and the other side is a 3-10 times magnifying glass. So how much magnification is most suitable for makeup? The above picture shows the effect of different magnifications.

  • Is the greater the magnification, the better?

of course not! Appropriate magnification allows you to see the details clearly and make the makeup more refined. But there are so few perfect skins, acne pits, acne marks, spots, and dull wrinkles. Everyone has them. The so-called water is clear and there is no fish. If you see it too clearly, it is not a surprise, but a proper one. Appropriately frightened. Make sure that you will not be in a good mood for a day; and the concealing process alone will become endless. The second big problem is dizziness after looking at the magnifying glass for a long time. My experience is that the higher the magnification, the easier it is to dizzy. Therefore, the magnification suitable for makeup is 3X-5X, the magnification effect of 10-15X, you need to be cautious before trying!

HAMSWAN Makeup Vanity Mirror with Lights, 180° Trifold Mirror with Touch Screen, 1X/2X/3X/10X Magnification Cosmetic Mirror, Dual Power Supply, 21 LED Lighted Up Mirror

In addition to the front and back design, there is also a design where the magnifying glass is embedded or semi-fixed on the ordinary mirror.

There is also a mirror that can be’infinitely variable’ and magnification can be selected. For example, this one from Jerdon in the link below.

Mirror size

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Another aspect that needs to be considered is the size of the makeup mirror. Generally speaking, a household makeup mirror should be at least as big as your faceplate. The principle is that you can easily see the entire face. There is no need for a makeup mirror that is too large, it takes up more space, and the area actually used is not that much. If you like the feeling of a large mirror and don’t want the desktop to be occupied by the mirror, you can consider choosing a foldable style.

Smart sensor

simplehuman 5″ Round Mini Travel Sensor Makeup Mirror 10x Magnification, Rechargeable, Brushed Stainless Steel

mini mirror

With the development of science and technology, more and more mirrors are hidden high-tech products. For example, this tall makeup mirror from Simplehuman’s house can not only adjust the magnification, height, and angle but also can automatically switch the power supply by sensing whether people/objects are approaching.

BeautifyBeauties Lighted Makeup Mirror, Vanity Mirror with Bluetooth. Adjustable Brightness, Detachable 10X Magnification Spot Mirror, Rechargeable (White)

In addition, there is also a smart makeup mirror that can be connected to the App, switch freely between the mirror and the lamp, take a selfie, and adjust the brightness of the light source.

We have to sharpen our tools first, if we want to draw beautiful makeup, we really need a “magic mirror”. This kind of product that can be used for many years, is worthy of your homework and investment!