Girls now love beauty very much, even young boys. Because now is the world of looks, beauty can not only bring greater self-confidence but also better luck. A delicate makeup is a true portrayal of a girl’s confidence. But all this requires a prerequisite, which is to have a good mirror. This knowledge is great, don’t just think that my mirror is so big and big. In fact, light is more important than mirrors. Just like photography, light is always more important than a camera.

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Many beautiful women have such troubles. After working hard for a few hours, I finally finished a delicate makeup in front of the mirror at home. It feels very good. But the sad thing is that it was completely ruined when I went out. Either the face is too white, or the eyeshadow is too heavy and the lipstick is wrong. Even the face is not evenly painted, there is powder and so on. All this makes many girls feel distressed. Obviously it was good when I first looked in the mirror, why did everything change when I went out?

In fact, when putting on makeup at home, in most cases, the light at home is much worse than the outdoor light, even if you turn on the indoor light. Due to the problem of light color temperature, the indoor color temperature and the outdoor sunlight color temperature are completely out of line, or the indoor light is completely insufficient, the dim light completely makes you unable to find the makeup flaws on your face.

Looking at other celebrities, their lights are in circles, and the light is almost the same as the stage or outdoor light. This WYSIWYG makeup makes the star’s makeup always the most perfect. So, having a makeup mirror with LED lights at home is just a must.

From the appearance point of view, the actual mirror size of this LED makeup mirror has reached 7.5 inches, which can fit a face without taking up too much space. It has achieved a perfect balance between practicality and space. After all, many girls’ dressing tables are filled with various cosmetics and skincare products, which are already crowded. How can a single cent be wasted between square inches?

What’s more interesting is that this LED makeup mirror is equipped with a small mirror, which can be easily attached to any position on the mirror surface.

And this mirror can reach 10x magnification, you can clearly see every detail of your makeup. This design is very user-friendly, I want to give it a thumbs up.

The edge of the entire circle is an LED light strip. This light strip is the core technology of this makeup mirror. The light it emits has a color realism of about 90Ra. In other words, the light it emits is 90% close to the real natural light. It’s almost equal to what you see is what you get. Now, you don’t have to worry about putting on makeup when you go out.

Not only the light emitted is real and natural, but there is also no stroboscopic common to LED lights. This way, long-term mirroring can better protect your eyesight and avoid dry eyes after a long time. You can safely turn on the light and look in the mirror.

There is a touch button similar to the Home button of an Apple mobile phone in the middle. It adopts a step-less dimming method. Long-press can make the light dim steplessly, and long press again can in turn brighten steplessly. Repeat the operation in this way, you can adjust the brightness of the light as you want.

At the same time, the built-in 2000mAh battery may be charged through the USB interface, and it can be used for about Two weeks after a full charge. Avoid the trouble of recharging. In addition, it can also be used while charging. Even if you forget to charge for a long time and suddenly need makeup, you don’t need to wait for charging. You can directly plug in the USB to charge the direct charging mode and use it while charging.


In addition, the mirror can be adjusted by 90 degrees, so that no matter what kind of shape or posture, the bear LED makeup mirror can easily take care of you, draw eyebrows, draw lips, if you want to be high, you can go low.

to sum up
With this EASEHOLD LED makeup mirror, I discovered that I have never seen myself so clearly before. I always thought that looking in the mirror would be very clear, but only now I found out. It used to be called a low definition. Now, this is called 4K Ultra HD.

The humanized 10 times magnification small mirror is high-definition in high-definition. The pores and hair on the face are clearly visible, and every flaw in makeup cannot be ignored. In addition, this light can also be used as a live selfie light. Turning on the light to take a picture of yourself or chat with friends and open a video makes you feel much more refined.

The base has a slight storage function design, which can gain more space for the makeup tabletop. At the same time, if the 10X small makeup mirror can be inserted next to the large mirror, it will be better to look at it at the same time.