In fact, I saw this mirror a few years ago and thought it looked very good. I finally got one, and after using it, I will share it with everyone.

Most people still use ordinary mirrors without LEDs. They usually make do with skincare when the light is good. When it comes to putting on make-up, they look for light and angles, but after decades, I don’t feel that have what.

However, as the level of skin management needs increases, for example, there are highlights, shadows, blushes, six-color concealers, and liquid foundations of different colors in the makeup steps. When you need to draw delicate makeup or skin care with no color difference and no powder, think When managing similar spots and acne pores on your face, your demand for a good led makeup mirror will increase.

Of course, a removable makeup mirror avoids the trouble of looking for light everywhere and angles. You only need to sit at ease, and you can adjust several positions, so that every pore of yours can be seen clearly. When I put on makeup, there are several adjustments to the leds, so my mother no longer has to worry about my makeup being white. Of course, it can be recharged. It takes about four or five days to charge once.

The great thing is that it has LED lights and can be used as a typhoon night light.

When I use this mirror for skincare every day, I feel in a good mood and feel as delicate as a Little Princess. hahaha, Let’s start to buy one Now.